Viva Fútbol


Viva Fútbol Campaign

We created and fully executed an integrated influencer, social media and digital marketing program for Red Dog Sports & Entertainment that generated sales of more than 11,500 tickets for a Miami soccer match produced by Red Dog Sports & Entertainment.

The most remarkable part about this performance program we branded Viva Fútbol was that we generated these results with only FOUR weeks to promote the match and at the height of the Omicron COVID variant in South Florida.  Red Dog Sports & Entertainment had never done a program in Florida, and didn’t even have a website prior to this event.

Mobile/Social Media

  • Clicks (link/other): 23,430
  • Reach: 922,489
  • Impressions: 1,982,781
  • Shares: 182
  • Comments: 734

Website Only

  • Views: 36,307
  • Unique Visitors: 30,439
  • Conversions: 8,619
  • Conversion Rate: 28.32%

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Red Dog Sports & Entertainment


Integrated influencer, social media and digital marketing program

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